Capital Project 2016

Contracts have been awarded to the responsible lower bidders and mobilization will hopefully begin July 29, 2016. The first areas of work scheduled are the 6 classroom additions at West Side and the renovation and 4 classroom additions at East Side.

Within the renovation work for East Side, the first scheduled tasks will be the asbestos abatement of different finishes within that space. This will allow for the next phase of demolition to begin once Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) have been properly removed under containment and the test results for clean air have been obtained.

All notifications for the abatement will be clearly posted on the doors to each location 10 days prior to the commencement of asbestos abatement at each building per the Department of Labor regulations.

All areas outside the school, such as the play grounds and soccer fields, are safe and will NOT be impacted by the asbestos abatement.

At some point, prior to the opening of school, the East Side playground will be taken down to allow large equipment to enter the area for the building project. Signs will be posted in advance of the closure of the playground.

Any concerns may be directed to .