Other Music Courses

Piano Lab
This course will instruct students in the basics of piano, staff reading and musicianship. While no previous training is required, it would be beneficial.
Guitar Lab
This course will teach the basics of guitar: fingerings, chords, tablature reading, strumming. Students do not need to have any previous musical experience for this class nor do they need to own their own guitar.
Music Theory I
Designed for grades 11-12, this class will teach basic music theory: note reading, scale and chord construction, and rhythmic patterns leading to experiment with composition. The concepts taught in this class are useful to both vocal and instrumental music students and particularly valuable to those considering any type of career in music. It is recommended that students have a keyboard or piano to aid in practice at home.
Music Theory II
For students that excelled at Music Theory I. This course will teach advanced concepts of music theory covered in the first two semesters of a 100-level college music theory course. Material covered includes melodic and harmonic dictation, aural skills, realization of figured bass and Roman numeral progressions, intervalic relationships and identification, common musical forms, and non-chord tones through analysis of repertoire and composition.